Robyn Hood

Network / Platform

Creator / Writer  
Created by Director X, Written by Chris Roberts 
Co-Pro / Partnership  
Luti Media x 11th Hour Films x Boat Rocker  

8 x 60

Musical, Drama, Action  

Robyn Hood follows Robyn Loxley, a young woman whose masked hip-hop band, The Hood, is known for their inventive videos and anti-authoritarian message. She lives in Sherwood Towers, a community of rental high-rises in a working-class corner of New Nottingham, where the cost of living has skyrocketed, leaving an ever-widening gap between the rich and everyone else. When Robyn finds herself fighting for her home and her family against local property developer John Prince and The Sheriff of New Nottingham, Robyn and her band The Hood decide to fight back, righting the wrongs of the corrupt elite to give back to the people.

Canada: Global TV

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